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Video Software

Video Player

The video player we build and maintain, besides playing video, is great for personalized video emails. And as a cherry on the cake, the player is interactive, it is possible to make choices in the video and it can also have multiple story lines and endings.

With a personalized video you can bind customers to your business. It is a service where you send customers or guests a personal video greeting. You are getting your customers more attracted to your brand and it deliver more customer satisfaction, which you see back in your sales figures.

Consider a scenario in which you own a hotel. You definitely want your guests to have the best experience. You can have them look forward to their stay by sending a personal video message about the hotel, the room, the hotel services, the nearby tourist attractions and events in that period. In return your customers will get a better ordering experience. They will likely be happier with their choice and with their stay and will more likely consider coming back another time. They get the right expectations and that means less disappointments and more happy customers.

Video Renderer

With video rendering, we mean adding special effects to your video or to start an animation from scratch. We make the effect you have in mind, edit it and change it. The software we build for this we call, Batch Renderer, because it is great at automating your video making process.


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